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iGate BMX Controller Module Rival Racing Magnetic Latch Assembly w/ Armature Battery Cables for BMX Starting Gate
12V Battery Cables
Our Price: $28.00
While supplies last - Almost sold out! After 10 awesome years of supporting the sport we love, it's finally time to retire. Rival Racing Technologies will be closing once the last controllers are sold. Thanks for the ride! Keep our contact info for continued product support or questions.

The original gate controller that started the DIY starting gate craze! Rival Racing's iGate BMX is a patented electronic interface that lets you run a starting gate from your cell phone or tablet. No other gate controller is needed. NOTE - The magnetic gate latch kits are permanently out of stock. You will need to source your own 12V magnet to use as a gate release, in order to use the iGate BMX controller.

The system requires a downloaded app on your electronic device, like the iGate BMX app or Random Gate. Use the built-in speaker on your phone or tablet to hear the same official random starting cadence that you hear at the track or plug your own speakers into your phone or tablet to amplify the sound for crowd pleasing volume.

A 12VDC wall adapter is included. You do not need to order a power adapter. If practicing your starts away from a power source, you can use optional 12V battery cables (Part No. BC-12) to power from an automotive battery. Cables sold separately.

Download the detailed instructions and user manual from our downloads page.

This part may not be shipped into the European Union or areas where CE registration is required.

Rival Racing Technologies' magnets are specially designed to function as a starting gate release system, featuring a proprietary anti-residual magnetism device for consistent and positive release every time.

With 180kg (over 350lbs) of holding force, one magnet is enough for a one man gate. Two magnet kits can be operated from one iGate BMX controller, to increase holding force or to set up a two man gate.

Rival Racing Technologies' mounting brackets are designed for flexible mounting onto virtually any DIY starting gate setup or to a retrofit existing gates from Freshpark and others. Detailed setup instructions are included and are also available from our Downloads page.
12V battery cables allow you to power the iGate BMX from an automotive type battery.  No need to run a long extension cord to your practice site!  Includes fuse, battery clamps and 8ft long heavy duty cable that plugs directly into the iGate BMX Controller Module. Note that the magnetic latch gets its power from the iGate BMX, so this cable powers both the controller and the magnet.  No additional cable or power source is needed.
12V DC Power Converter
12V DC Power Converter
Our Price: $14.00
This is a REPLACEMENT power adapter that plugs into a standard electrical outlet on your wall or an extension cord. YOU DO NOT NEED TO ORDER THIS UNLESS YOUR ORIGINAL POWER ADAPTER WAS LOST OR DAMAGED. These power adapters are normally supplied with every iGate BMX. You only need to order this part if your original adapter was lost or damaged.

It converts either 120VAC or 220VAC into the 12VDC that is required to run the iGate BMX controller. It has a US-type 2-prong plug for the wall outlet and a 4 ft power cord that plugs directly into the iGate BMX controller.