Mission Statement

Rival Racing Technologies is about developing the technology necessary to develop you. We make innovative training solutions that are practical and affordable to the common athlete, so that you may excel to the limits of your determination and imagination. If we have helped one person achieve their dreams as an athlete, then our business has been a success.


Rival Racing Technologies was created in 2013 by a Scientist, inventor and avid amateur BMX racer, who wanted to create training techniques for himself as well as for the families and kids he races with. The company was founded on the basis of seeing young people grow and develop in this great sport.

BMX gives young athletes new opportunities to excel and develop lifelong skills, lifelong friendships and the character that comes with good sportsmanship. BMX is a family sport that should be available to anyone from any walk of life. The training technologies and training tools should be affordable to young and old alike…

Scope of Business

Rival Racing Technologies sells training equipment for BMX racing out of a small shop in Limestone, Tennessee. Our specialty is starting gate controllers and informational resources to help the do-it-yourselfer to build their own equipment. We have something for racers on any budget.


We are located in Limestone, Tennessee.