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Rival Racing Magnetic Latch Assembly w/ Armature
Rival Racing Magnetic Latch Assembly w/ Armature

Our Price: $90.00

Product Code: RRMAG-1

Rival Racing Technologies' magnetic latch kit takes the guess work out of building your own gate. Each magnet has 180kg (over 350lbs) of holding force and is specially designed to work as a starting gate release system. Depending on your gate setup, this may even be enough for a 2-man gate. (Note that two magnet kits can be operated from one iGate BMX controller, if more holding force is needed.)

Our magnets feature a proprietary anti-residual magnetism device for consistent and positive release every time. This is one valuable distinction from other types of magnets on the market that have unpredictable release characteristics and may even hang up or overheat if used on a starting gate. Our magnets also feature an internal MOV circuit, to protect your controller against damaging back current each time the magnet releases.

Rival Racing Technologies' mounting brackets are designed for flexible mounting onto virtually any starting gate. The brackets are pre-drilled with mounting holes but they are made from 6061 aluminum alloy that is strong yet soft enough to easily drill your own mounting holes if needed. Detailed setup instructions are included and are also available from our Downloads page.

The kit includes the magnet, matching armature plate and all mounting brackets needed. It also includes an 8ft magnet cable with color coded connectors that plugs into the red magnet port on the iGate BMX controller.

Magnet and armature plate are approx. 7" x 3".

This product may not be imported into the European Union or areas where CE registration is required.